Al Quseir facing environmental issues

Al Quseir, with a population of approximately 42,000, was faced due to various circumstances with an environment issue growing rapidly creating multiple health risks not to mention an unpleasant visual for locals as well as visitors. With the Desert Mountains as our backdrop and the spectacular sea at our feet, a select few were compelled to take action to preserve this pristine area. This is how our environmental initiatives began.

KQB is bringing awareness to Environmental issues

KQB Keep Quseir Beautiful is a project under the Roaya NGO and the primary focus is to bring awareness to the residents on environmental issues, organize community cleanups, and support efforts through festivals and various children activities.

Our original forum was patterned after the “School Camp” project that the Roaya volunteers created. The program targeted the schools with the intention of engaging the students in discussions about the environment and how to care for it. This involved actively showing the students how to cleanup and beautify their school environment through garbage pickup, raking leaves and trimming greenery and/or planting more, repairing various apparatus, and painting murals. The event always ended with a fun activity as reinforcement to the purpose of preserving the environment is a positive and long-lasting endeavor.

KQB continued the success of the “School Camp” with a slightly different format in regard to neighborhoods. A select area is chosen to plan a 3-day event to educate, clean-up and beautify, and then celebrate for the purpose of acknowledging the importance of maintenance.

These events are used as a platform to stimulate the local residents to take action and responsibility to clean their immediate surroundings and support the local sanitation company to Keep Quseir Beautiful. Through donations, KQB has been able to integrate 10 more trash boxes in the town, public billboards, and posters emphasizing the benefits of a healthy and clean environment. All these efforts contribute greatly to our overall mission to Keep Quseir Beautiful.

SEAS cares about environmental education

SEAS Society of Environmental Awareness Supporters is a sister NGO to Roaya where the attention is on environmental education

The mission of Baladna is to empower the youth through applicable knowledge to protect the Earth's environment. Our environmental events are designed to act as a platform of interactive activities, lectures, and experiments which can be applied to many settings to raise ecological awareness and develop eco-sustainable behavior.

Environmental education programs

Our environmental education programs whether as an event or a supplemental programs aims to help learners develop factual knowledge about the natural environment to:

  • Understand the dynamics of an ecosystem and the human impact on the environment.
  • Foster more positive perceptions about the value of the natural world.
  • Develop eco-friendly habits, such as recycling and producing less waste.
  • Engage learners in environmental rejuvenation projects and action.
  • Cultivate learner's psychological and spiritual relationship with nature.
  • Develop students' psychological and spiritual relationship with nature