Community service, whether at home or abroad, provides compassionate societies across the globe.

It is vital to the person to the person who serves as well as the recipient. It is in the way in which we ourselves grown and develop.

Without community service, whether at home or abroad, we would not have a strong quality of life.

It is vital to the person who serves as well as the recipient. It is in the way in which we ourselves grown and develop.

Welcome to BALADNA project

Baladna, meaning "our town" in Arabic, is a community-based project highlighting the town of Al Quseir as it is: an attractive and vibrant Egyptian town located directly on the spectacular Red Sea coastline.

The concept behind Baladna originated by a group of young adults impassioned by their community and their desire to make it a thriving town for all the community to prosper and lead productive and fruitful lives.

Baladna is a project in partnership with the ROAYA NGO

–a volunteer-based association that is built on the belief system of sharing resources and caring for all persons. The primary goal is to assist those to empower themselves through various resources and educational opportunities.

Roaya, meaning “vision” in Arabic urges the importance of volunteerism to its ocal members as a commitment of time and energy for the benefit of the community, the environment, and the society and country at large.

Community Projects

The vision and mission of this page is to connect people and resources for the Red Sea region in Egypt by leading and coordinating community efforts

Educational Projects
Educational Projects

Acquired knowledge whether through a formal education, internships or by experience is a major component to one’s success.

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Economic Solutions
Economic Solutions

The Roaya NGO is active to provide resources for the economically disadvantaged residents of the community that includes food bank allotments, discount clothing drives, and financial assistance programs.

Fun Activities
Fun Activities

All Baladna projects embrace "edu-tainment" techniques to engage the youth in educational activities. Creating fun inspires all the children and youth to learn … to explore … to imagine.

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Health and Environmental issues
Environment and Health

The fragility of the Red Sea ecosystem is a concern. Negative impacts to the environment can cause detrimental effects to the region and inhabitants.

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Foreign Internship

Volunteering is the heart of not only a community but the world. This is a perfect opportunity for any undergraduate or graduate students seeking a practicum in sociology, environmental health, child development, linguistics, and the creative arts.

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Main Projects
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Keep Quseir beautiful
study egyptian arabic
Red Sea Stars Language Kindergarten