Knowledge is a major component to one’s success

Baladna believes knowledge whether acquired through a formal education, internships or by experience is a major component to one’s success. Roaya has been instrumental in bringing a number of educational programs to the community that includes Human Development Workshops, the Gifted Artist Program, IT, and a Literacy Assistance Program.

Preparing the child on the journey of lifelong learning

The Red Sea Stars Language Kindergarten takes great attention that the child’s first experience with school begins at this stage. Our mission of the kindergarten is to provide a nurturing environment for the child's holistic development to prepare him/her on the journey of lifelong learning. The school vision for the children is that they enjoy learning; they acquire moral, physical, cognitive, aesthetic and social skills and values; and that they cultivate healthy and responsible characters that contribute to society.

Taking care of the
special needs

The Special Needs is so very needed and yet so overlooked as it centers on the mentally challenged children. Our program focuses on children on an individual basis with issues in socialization, focus and concentration, and speech impediments.

We care about the community?

Part of creating community projects is creating harmony and tolerance among the populace. One way to do this is by speaking and learning about each other through language. Baladna seeks to offer a comprehensive language program for anyone at any level to learn a foreign language; Arabic, English, German, Russian, and Italian. Our programs are diverse from learning the basic language skills in a Kindergarten to young adults embarking into the work force or to the advanced levels for the Professional. A combination of learning styles is encouraged to move the learner forward in mastering a language through various approaches. A curriculum is adapted to suit the need of the learner. l

S E A, Study Egyptian Arabic

Our newest addition to the language project is S E A, Study Egyptian Arabic. We strongly believe in active learning as the best system to master a language along with the standard classroom instruction. For this reason, SEA has combined the course instruction with our town’s community projects.

This platform introduces the learner to the Egyptian culture and a community while reinforcing the Arabic language skills through real-life application. Integrating real-life situations into the course curriculum has proven to be a very effective tool in learning as well as discovering the beauty of a culture through volunteerism.

With this our regular group size is small if not private, again, to maximize effectiveness for the learner.

SEA offers courses in Modern Standard Arabic, Egyptian Colloquial Arabic, or a combination of both.

There are 8 levels, each 4 weeks for either 24 or 36 hours of classroom instruction plus additional hours of field work and trips.

This program is designed for foreigners who exclusively come to Egypt to master the language. The SEA program is inclusive of classroom instruction with a certified Arabic Language teacher, course materials, field trips, community work participation, and flat accommodations. Accommodations are in a safe and secure environment equipped with all the comforts of home in order for you to study and succeed in learning the Arabic language.

The SEA method brings together the best components, certified and proven teaching techniques, a community- based practicum, and the spectacular Red Sea environment in which to enjoy.